Investing Made Simple

Learn How to Build Wealth with Confidence, through the Sharemarket

You want to invest, but feel overwhelmed about where to start. You want to get ahead, but worry investing is a gamble. Talk of ETFs makes you say WTF? 

Sign up to this four week course to learn how the sharemarket works, and the simple ways to become an investor.

No spreadsheets, no get-rich-quick schemes, just proven information that works.

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What's in the course, anyway? 


You'll join a community of other students, to learn together over four weeks. All material is provided in both video and written form, followed by quizzes to lock the information in.

New material is dropped each Sunday, and should only take a couple of hours each week. Feel free to learn at your own pace; the course is yours to keep, forever.

There are two live Q&A sessions with Frances, so be ready to send through all of your burning investing questions.

Week One, What Is Investing:  

  • How you can use the sharemarket to build stability, and financial freedom. 
  • What the sharemarket actually is, and how you make money from it.
  • Jargon-busting, so that you never again get left behind in a sharemarket conversation.
  • What's a realistic amount to make from shares and stocks.
  • Figuring out the right amount for YOU to invest.
  • How shares compare to other investments.

Week Two, Building Your Perfect Portfolio: 

  • The different investments available on a stock exchange; companies. funds, bonds, real estate, and even Bitcoin.
  • How an IPO works, and should you buy into one?
  • The different sharemarkets around the world, and how to weigh up which ones you want to invest in.
  • How to read the numbers that tell you how well (or not) a company is doing.
  • The power of ethical investing - for the world, and your back pocket.

Week Three, How Risky is Risky:

  • What does it mean to have a 'risky' investment?
  • What happens if a company you invest in goes under.
  • How your investment can change; stock splits, buybacks, and what they mean for you.
  • The money psychology that can sabotage you, and how to protect yourself from yourself.
  • When is it time to cut your losses, and sell?
  • What protects you and your investments, from legal protections, to stock market algorithms.
  • What to know about the new online investing platforms, and whether you can trust them.
  • When to get a pro to help you, whether it's a stock broker, or a financial adviser.

Week Four, Investing Strategies:

  • How long-term investing works, and what to expect.
  • Why investing only a little bit can actually be the best way to start.
  • The danger of trying to predict the market, and what to do instead.
  • How to find legitimate places to invest.
  • What to know about fees, and keeping them under control.
  • The different ways to buy, from market price, to limit order, and stop-loss.
  • The difference between normal market ups and downs, and a crash... and how to handle both.
  • How to talk money with those closest to you, from partners, to children.

This course is educational only, and is not intended to replace individual financial advice.