Nice to meet you

I'm Frances Cook

Now? I'm a financial expert, who has dedicated my career to helping normal people do better with their money.

Earlier? Well, I was a money mess. Always stressed about money, not understanding where it was going, why I was working so hard and getting nowhere.

None of us are born knowing about money. I learned the hard way, so that you don't have to. 

Now I'm qualified as a financial adviser, specialising in investments. I host New Zealand's #1 business podcast. I write the weekly Money Answers column for BusinessDesk and the Herald on Sunday. I explain the money news you need to know on TVNZ Breakfast, and AM Show.

I'm the person you can trust to help you figure out how money works, so that you can get the easy wins that make life so much better. 

Financial freedom is possible for normal people. I've done it myself. I've helped countless others achieve it.

Let's make it happen.