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After years of working as a financial journalist and educator, I'm sharing how money works, so you can live a simpler, stress-free life.

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Knowledge is power. Learn how money works, and the simple techniques that let you build confidence and lose stress.

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Nice to meet you

I'm Frances Cook

Now? I'm a financial expert, who has dedicated my career to helping normal people do better with their money.

Earlier? Well, I was a money mess. Always stressed about money, not understanding where it was going, why I was working so hard and getting nowhere.

None of us are born knowing about money. I learned the hard way, so that you don't have to. 

Now I'm qualified as a financial adviser, specialising in investments. I host New Zealand's #1 business podcast. I write the weekly Money Answers column for BusinessDesk and the Herald on Sunday. I explain the money news you need to know on TVNZ Breakfast, and AM Show.

I'm the person you can trust to help you figure out how money works, so that you can get the easy wins that make life so much better. 

Financial freedom is possible for normal people. I've done it myself. I've helped countless others achieve it.

Let's make it happen.

"Thanks Frances!

I think you're doing amazing mahi empowering women. It is only through following you that I've built my awareness and confidence to be more intentional with my money. My mental load is crazy, with full on work, kids, household, etc... so I just never found the space to do anything beyond my savings account. That shifted last night with your very simple, practical suggestions."


"Just wanted to say thanks again for what you have helped me achieve.

"Since lockdown started I have only had the wage subsidy paid to me, with no top up. It's about a 70% reduction in income per week... and we still have paid all bills. Two years ago I would have been borrowing money from anyone and everyone. I have even had to pay a $800 vehicle repair bill last week and didn't phase me."


"A huge thank you!

Such easy to understand content, even for an investor rookie. I actually have financial hope for the first time in my life, and it's eradicated my fears around investing (my family are property hardcores). I've been able to make immediate changes and bought my first shares. I'm 33, but believe it isn't too late now!"

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"She is incredible! Huge fan since forever! Your tips put us in our first home! Love you!"


"I just want to say thanks for your amazing content! I just bought my first home on Friday and listening to you really made a huge impact in making it happen."


"Your personal stories, realistic action points, and simple strategies really hit home! Thanks so much for sharing, you've converted another financial hot mess to an independent confident woman over here."

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